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Aussie’s big seadogs We could see sealions basking on the beach, but getting close to them – or rather having them come and

The occasional individual seemed to be curious and would briefly check us out, but they are fast, and these were fleeting glimpses. But eventually we’d get the curious and delightfully charming individuals who wanted to come and play. And there are not many things cuter, more engaging and appealing underwater than an Aussie sealion. approach us - was not easy. Most were either standoffish and nervous or just not interested in these bizarre, clumsy human tourists at the edge of their bay.

:: Malcolm Nobbs and Jamie Watts

One youngster did a quick fly-by at the edge of visibility, staring at us with that stare of permanent surprise that the white rings around the wide eyes give them. Then a pass behind, a little closer. Then a tentative stretch forward with that big doggy snout, the coarse whiskers stretching out and forward towards me. He’s probably only a couple of years old, but he already outweighs me. His snout and head are reminiscent of a really big,

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